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'The sessions were one of the highlights of the year in the English department.'

Tony Clarke, Head of English, Cheltenham College Preparatory School

'Ms Grochowicz had a lovely manner with the children and her delivery was enthralling.'

Mark Stringer, Head of Years 7&8, Felsted, Dunmow, United Kingdom

'We hope this will be the first of many visits to our school.'

Dr Dorian Lewis, Headmaster, Bournemouth College

'The pupils enjoyed the talk so much we are using the book as our next book club book.'

Judith Holden, Bromsgrove School

'I cannot recommend her highly enough.'

Joanna Baynes, Kings School, Auckland


School Visits

The courage and accomplishments of the men of the Terra Nova expedition should not fade into insignificance. There is much to celebrate in this astonishing story of human grit.

We all learn best when having fun! My sessions are highly interactive with lots of opportunities for students to share their knowledge and participate in the storytelling.  

My school sessions can be tailored to various age levels and group sizes and highlight:

  • The challenges of provisioning the expedition and the difficulties of getting to the ice,

  • Some of the colourful characters that accompanied Scott,

  • Human survival in the extreme Antarctic environment,

  • Several lesser-known 'episodes' such as the mid-winter journey to the penguin rookery, undertaken in complete darkness and at temperatures of -50 degrees.

Please get in touch for pricing.

History must be burnt into the imagination

before it can be received by the reason.

Lord Macaulay,  19th century historian